Things I Have Never Said

The following are things I have never, ever said while on my bike. I was thinking about them today, while laying around languishing in what may the beginning stages of a cold I do not want to have. Sigh.

Oh. Sweet. More climbing!

Hey, guys…um….I think we should maintain a reasonable speed on that downhill.

I think my kit makes my calves and thighs look awesome.

I wish I could wear my cleats all the time.

Stop signs are such a good idea.

I see its really windy outside – now I’m excited!

I think I’ll pass on that burrito.

Lets leave the road bike at home – I want to take the heavy one today.

I don’t really bother locking the front wheel.

Stretching is for suckers.

Having two bikes sucks.

Why yes, I would love to wait for this light to turn green at this completely empty intersection.

Falling over is the best. No, I don’t feel like a tool. Why?

I prefer not to draft.

More potholes!

I heart pedestrians.

I can totally get behind the idea of white bartape.

My gloves are clean enough.

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