Its Time Again for CycloFemme!

Yup. Its been a year since the last one (well, almost a year), and the fine folks over at Girl Bike Love are gearing up (get it?) for the 2013 CycloFemme ride.

If you are unfamiliar, CycloFemme is a coordinated ride, happening all around the world on May 12, 2013, to raise awareness for women’s cycling and to act as a conduit to get more women on bikes. Which this woman who rides a bike thinks is a pretty kickass cause.

The registration process for rides has just opened. Do not be confused – you do not need to be registered in order to ride, and joining a ride is free. But if you live somewhere that is not presently represented, you can register a ride for folks to join – routes, intensity, and duration are all up to you! The registration form (and list of rides already registered) can be found here.

So on May 12th, encourage the women in your lives – your daughters, aunts, sisters, mothers, partners, grandmothers, cousins, and friends – to join women around the world who all believe that a woman on a bike is a powerful and wonderful sight to behold! It’s not easy to be a woman on a bike – show them some love! (These rides are also open to men, so grab your sons, partners, nephews, grandfathers, uncles, and friends of the male persuasion, too!)

**Featured Image courtesy of CycloFemme


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