I Once was Lost…

There are about a million things I should be doing, none of which include getting around to updating this blog. But, it is always in times like these that I return to doing exactly this sort of thing.

The list of excuses I have for my being absent is very long, and really quite good. Some of those reasons include: finishing up a semester that got increasingly out of control, relocating to a new city, riding my road bike all the time, and some unpleasant family obligations. In this same vein, I cannot offer any new photos of my bikes, or my new stomping grounds because I cannot find my camera’s USB cord. There are only so many places it could be, though, so I’m confident I will find it eventually.

But now its 2013 – and despite my being sick for the moment, I have ambitions to ride the hell out of this year. AIDS/LifeCycle 2013 is coming up in June, and I will be riding – which means months and months of training. It will be a nice space, carved out for sanity, in the middle of the final semester of this Sign Language Certification program, which will wrap up just before I set out for the seven day ride.

So for now, I give you a Velociraptor on a bicycle, with a mustache. I have things to write about – absence does not mean that I have not been turning bikey thoughts over and over in my head – but first, I want to find this damn USB cord.

Happy New Year!


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