Women Kicking Ass, Anyone?

Last weekend, two friends of mine and I attended the San Rafel Twilight Criterium Race, held about an hour outside of the East Bay in the lovely city of, you guessed it, San Rafel. We arrived later in the day, only catching the last half of the pro women’s race, and most of the pro men – we ate dinner in the middle and could see the race, but not hear what was going on.

I was most anxious to see the pro women’s race. I have only ever been to one other crit race, but it was long before I owned a bike or had even an inkling of the work involved in riding one like these ladies do. Essentially, I was handed a beer and a cowbell and told to violently shake just one of them. Fair enough, but I didn’t really understand anything that was going on, save people in lycra going by really fast, over and over. This time, I was far better prepared and enjoyed the event more than I even expected I would.

The winner of the pro women’s race, Alison Tetrick, was amazing to watch – an inspiration for any women who wants to go fast on a bike. She dominated the field, working all on her own, whole bike lengths in front of the peleton that, try as it might, simply could not touch her.

Tetrick winning the 2012 San Rafel Twilight. Like a Boss.

Though I did not get to see the beginning of the race, I am really, really happy that I got to see the end of it. The night was perfect – warm, with light right up until the end of the men’s race – the line up for which is the cover photo for this entry. I am eager to go back, feel the intensity and ring the hell out of a cowbell for the human beings pushing themselves to personally unexplored limits. Utterly brilliant.


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