Lists to Love

Rather than sharing a ride, I thought I would share two lists that have been hugely impacting on my experience as a cyclist – they serve to keep me inspired and whimsical, respectively, though which list does which goes back and forth.

First up, 101 Things We Love About Cycling. I found this not long after I started to increase the amount of riding I was doing, and it was hugely thrilling to read so many things I could relate to in a list clearly written for people who did this all the time, and with a level of seriousness I could not even conceptualize for myself. It still makes me tingly, excited, and happy to read through this list – to recall some of these feelings even while I am not out on my bike. It also always makes me want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The second list is of 25 Pick Up Lines for Cyclists. Again, there is a little something for everyone. Mostly I like this idea because the more of my time and energy I spend riding, and the more enmeshed my bike becomes in my life and my sense of self in the world, the more convinced I am that any partner I will have from now foreword will in at least some small way, need to share this enthusiasm. Besides, who wouldn’t love a romantic ride in the rain or through the sunny afternoon city streets?

*cover image via Bike Fancy


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