On the Sidelines

I have returned to you, lovely bay area. Unfortunately, my return has been dampened by this awesome chest cold I managed to acquire with no small assist from the poor air quality in Southern California, constant exposure to air conditioning, and eating all the junk food I could handle in a week’s time. Alas.

This week, so I have gleaned from my break forays outside, has been spectacular. The sun has been out, its been well into the 70s – extreme for us even in the middle of summer – and I have been bitter to be missing it. This week has been an exciting time for most cyclists with today’s Bike to Work Day hype building itself higher and higher, culminating

Headless Riders

in a successful venture on the part of the respective coalitions participating in the endeavor. Congratulations and Thanks are in order to those folks and their small armies of volunteers who staffed the 100 energizer stations in the East Bay alone! Add to that a wildly successful post-BTWD happy hour/party in downtown Oakland this evening, and you could not really ask for more! Tomorrow night is this month’s East Bay Bike Party, who’s pajama themed two year anniversary ride is sure to bring out the goofy masses, and Sunday is the CycloFemme ride that I have posted on in the past. Its an exciting weekend to be a cyclist and a lousy one to be a cyclist with a dry, obnoxious cough.

But, despite the hacking, I got on my bike today and rode (for such a short time its embarassing) to my local Energizer Station where I renewed my membership to the East Bay Bike Coalition and picked up my awesome goodie bag. I also got the amazingly green t-shirt below. It is probably the most bike appropriate clothing I own in terms of safety. Happy non-accidents.

safety green

I hope everyone spent some time in a saddle today, riding to work or not. It was refreshing to see so many of us out in numbers. There are those folks who are irritated by new cyclists, unfamiliar with roads and rules. But ultimately, it is our responsibility to teach where we can – we don’t all have to be mentors, but if there is someone sharing your lane who has no idea what they’re doing, help them out. You can think about it whatever way you like; paying it foreword to prevent a different cyclist from having the same negative experience, or altruistically helping some scared person feel a little more confident one mile or intersection at a time. Welcome to the road, new people! I hope you stick around a while.


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