Out of curiosity, whatcha doin’ on May 13th? Hopefully, its joining up with your local CycloFemme ride!

A few months back, I was directed to the blog Girl Bike Love, who are devoted to empowering women to ride bikes, and who “dream of a day when riding a bike to the store is daily routine and women’s races have the attendance of the Tour de France”. Not a bad dream, if I do say so myself. While working my way through the awesome information, resources and oped pieces, I discovered CycloFemme, which is an international effort being put together by the crew over at Girl Bike Love.

Essentially, CycloFemme is a (hopefully) massive coordinated effort to make many rides happen on May 13th in cities across the country and the world, comprised of all genders*, with the intention of “create[ing] a unified voice for women in cycling, encouraging and empowering more riders. By highlighting the health and environmental benefits, community building and positive social impact that cycling can have on our world, we hope to engage more female riders”. Since I last checked their site, the ride list has more than doubled in size and will hopefully keep growing!

So if you believe in empowering women and girls (or anyone else!) to get on a bike, you should jump in the saddle and meet up with your local ride. If there is no local ride, you should make one and post it. In every city and every town there is a woman or girl who wants to ride, but doesn’t think she can  because she  thinks she is too fat, or too out of shape, who might have never seen another woman in the saddle, or is just intimidated. Give her a hand, show some love, and support the movement.

Signing up for a ride is pretty easy: email your organizer (or register a ride if your town doesn’t have one) and sign up for the mailing list (you will need to do this to get the temporary tattoo). For those of us in the bay area at least, this is also the same week as Bike to Work Day, so make it a theme for yourself that week!

*this ride is all inclusive: queer friendly, trans friendly, male friendly. For specifics about duration and terrain, contact your local organizers.

UPDATE: Some of the rides now have Facebook pages! Oakland certainly does.


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